The Mid Antrim Motor Club was formed in 1945, immediately after the 2nd World War by members of the Ulster Home Guard, the 2nd Antrim Battalion Transport Platoon to continue their mutual interest in motoring. The newly formed club promoted its first event on 29th September 1945, a combined car and motorcycle rally.

1946 saw the first promotion of the Slemish Cup Trial, a report of which can be read HERE. The same year also saw the first promotion of  the Mid Antrim 150 road races and the Shane Cup Trial. The Slemish and Shane Cup Trials continue to be successfully promoted to this day.

The picture below shows a news paper cutting from one of the very first Shane Cup trials held in the 1940’s.

Theses events are now complimented by two further events, our Summer and Jimmy Smyth Memorial trials..

In 1994 and 1996 we promoted the Irish Experts Trial, attracting riders from all over the UK.

Over the past 70+ years, all of our top Irish riders and those from further afield have competed at our events.

The club has always prided itself in promoting high quality events, through good organisation, a tradition that our current club members seek to uphold and even improve on. However, with every year that passes by, it becomes more difficult and time consuming to promote these events. Please remember that we are all volunteers, giving our free time to help promote events for the love of the sport, the club and for the enjoyment of others. If we were to think of how many man hours have been freely given over the last 70+ years, the figure would be astounding!!

Please help to support our club and become involved with the organisation of trials events. We always welcome new members and especially encourage youth, so as to ensure that we are around for the next 70 years!!!